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Yang Shibin Talk About Consistent China International Knitting Trade Fair

"We are ready to ' one ' as the theme for this year's China International knitting trade fair. "Journalists with a puzzled look, Yang Shibin explains," ' a ' is knitted by the single yarns, knitting trade fair has been actively promoting industry chain cooperation and trading platform, has been based on innovation and sustainability, has always insisted on directed to invite. "Yang Shibin mentioned the" has been "," always "there can always be returned to the exhibition concept, that is to adhere to the knitting trade fair of high end positioning.

Since 2007 debut, knitting trade fair with high end image, in a climate of global economic financial crisis, this year's knitting trade fair more reason to stick to high-end. One day in April, and in the Office of the China National textile industry Council building, and Yang Shibin described to reporters so positioned in the first place. In his view, China's exhibition industry has gone through several stages of development: the first is a fair rise, which shows well, product quality not reflected it, followed by the exhibition, focus on presentation and signing; and later the international and overseas exhibitions, the show began to go abroad. This year, under the influence of the financial crisis, foreign market to shrink, "China's domestic market of textiles is not only the domestic manufacturing enterprises is the focus of foreign brands and suppliers, completes the exhibition in China is therefore a matter of urgency. "Yang Shibin says.

In order to ensure the quality of exhibitions, knitting trade fair continued as well as good practices in the past, this year launched a number of innovative initiatives. Continuity is Exhibitor level checks, to this, Yang Shibin says: "we insist on 100% orientation invitation does not accept retail application, the purpose is to show the industry's best enterprise to commercial buyers. ”

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