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There Is Always A Knit Sweaters, Casually Wear Can Be Beautiful

There are many more in the winter, in addition to warm baby, what else? That is the same warm, but also let you out of the United States out of the galaxy Knit Sweaters friends ~ knit sweaters, is the fashion circle of all-around small princess. Both made within the ride, transformed, but also become a fashionable to wear a single product. Simple color, silhouette, thin and thick is also very appropriate, street shoot people out of the winter walk out, love to wear it. Mix and match the veterans who favor it, because those who are slightly exaggerated but difficult to take a single product, encounter it will obediently be tamed.

If you are a novice, it is your winter dress up a reassurance. No matter how to wear, are not wrong outrageous. A living museum for you to select several Korean fashion brand LOCOBERRY basic Knit Sweaters, so that you in this winter, to be a warm fashionable little fairy.

LOCOBERRY | Wool High Collar Shoulder Knit Sweaters

This Knit Sweaters profile is more relaxed, do not pick the body at the same time, but also help you cover those "absolutely can not let people find" small defects.

This year the hot pumpkin red, warm and white, fresh and dynamic.

With a skirt, cute and lively, full of girls feel.

With pants, free not contrived, full of lazy fashion sense.

Ribs high collar, elastic fit. So that you can wear comfortable, but also to ensure that airtight, very warm.

Ribs, not tight, wearing a very comfortable feeling.

Falling shoulder design, suitable for all kinds of shoulder wear, so that your shoulder lines look more smooth, beautiful.

Colored optional: pumpkin red, ivory white, gray, khaki green, sky blue

Material: 50% wool, 50% acrylic

Size: Length 66.5cm, Shoulder 61.5cm, Bust 120cm, Sleeve 51cm, Cuff 15cm, Hem 118cm.

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