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Summary Of Knit Sweaters

Before the cold winter, we are looking for inside and wear a thick sweater, not only seem bloated, walking is also very convenient. Now Knit Sweaters technology more and more skilled, Knit Sweaters not only do more and more thin, and more patterns, set the practical, ornamental, artistic and one. The following Knit Sweaters factory with everyone to see the Knit Sweaters of the technology.

1, Knit Sweaters of the high number of fabrics are generally more compact, so low number of fabric than high machine fabric easy to pilling the ball. The surface of the fabric is not easy to pilling, the surface of uneven fabric easy to pilling the ball. Therefore, the fat flower fabric, ordinary color fabric, rib fabric, flat knitted fabric pilling resistance is gradually increased.

2, Knit Sweaters dyeing and finishing process: yarn or fabric after dyeing and finishing, the fight against pilling will have a greater impact, which is related to dyes, additives, dyeing and finishing process conditions to yarn dyeing yarn Hairs or woolen yarns are easy to pick up; yarns dyed with shirts are weaker than yarns. Fabrics are kneaded, especially after they are treated with resin. Enhanced. Flake is a major feature of wool fiber, it makes the wool fiber has a velvet, so shrink the essence of finishing is to treat the scales, so that it weakened or lost directional friction effect.

3, the main use of chemicals and scales play a role in damage and soften the scales; or the use of resin evenly spread on the fiber surface to form a thin film. Thus effectively limiting the role of scales, so that wool fiber lost velvet, to achieve the purpose of anti-shrink.

4, viscose silk fabric (people silk): silk surface glossy but not soft, colorful, feel smooth, soft, drape strong, but less than silk and light and elegant. Hand kneading silk surface after the release, there are creases, and recovery slowly. Torn when the sound hoarse. By, weft yarn water wet, easy to pull off.

5, cotton cloth: cloth gloss soft, soft, flexible, easy to fold. Hand loosen the fabric after the release, visible obvious wrinkles, and the fold is not easy to restore the status quo. From the edge of the cloth out of a few by, weft yarn twist to watch, the length of different fibers.

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