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One-piece Dresses With Small White Shoes, The United States Do Not Compromise

After graduating from the first job to enter the fashion circle of ghosts and goblins, so there is no work load limitations. But as the beauty of the sister, if the boss requires every day must wear ugly work attire, do you want to resign?

Maybe your job has a big career ambition, a lovely colleague, and the most critical of all the good money you can enjoy buying and buying, so do you really want to resign from the problem of working?

Although I can not help you make this decision, but as a fashion editor, it can help you and the boss wits. such as these good-looking not foul wear, so you win in the workplace!

Simple One-piece Dresses

In the summer of 30 degrees, there are few One-piece Dresses in the girls ' wardrobe. But if you are engaged in a more rigorous occupation, do not wear lace ah, big print to work!

What you need is the striped One-piece Dresses or the most insurance shirt skirt, the atmosphere and air field, but also appear professional, let the boss pick not to trouble!

Although the best outfit to wear black and white, but no one can not stop you with red bags and shoes to break the rules!

Relatively free working environment, can even try to use small white shoes with a One-piece Dresses to install a tender!

Black shirt skirt, and then a period of time before a very hot suit vest, looked like to see customers Ah!

One-piece Dresses with small white shoes, the United States do not compromise

Shirt + Medium Length skirt

Before watching the British drama "Royal Lawyer", one of the scenes is the female master a cabinet exactly the same white shirt, really good fear of the work will be the kind of life.

But as a working woman, a white shirt is almost standard, which doesn't mean you have to match your trousers. Wearing a skirt is obviously more elegant than pants, and professional not lose Yo!

In addition to the conservative pencil skirt, the knee below the umbrella skirt is more stylish, but also comfortable legs thin!

White shirt with a solid color or gray skirt, security card has a trace of the machine, concise atmosphere you deserve!

Fashionable sunglasses is too important, out of office sunglasses wear, modern imposing!

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