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Non-dyed Cashmere Is The Best

Cashmere according to its color can be divided into white, green and purple velvet. It is a thin layer of fine velvet that grows on the goat's outer epidermis and covers the roots of goat hair. It grows when it enters the cold in winter, it is used to resist cold, warm and fall off in the spring, and adapts naturally to the climate. It belongs to rare special animal fibers. In terms of warmth and moisture absorption, cashmere has a very good effect.

At the beginning of each spring, the herdsmen will carefully comb down the layers of villi, collect them and classify them according to color and purity, and then hand them over to cashmere dealers or designers.


The best cashmere in the world is from Inner Mongolia. Everyone can see thousands of top cashmere brands from Inner Mongolia. Because cashmere is precious, when it is traded in the international market, it is calculated in grams, so of course it is not cheap, especially Alashan cashmere, which is only used once a year from April 15 to May 10.


Cashmere soft moderate, moderate thickness, is a rare fabric. However, many people still think that the color of cashmere is too monotonous. In order to enrich the sense of color of cashmere, the raw cashmere is dyed in various colors to meet the diverse needs of the public.


In fact, non-stained cashmere can also be designed and tailored to become sophisticated!

Moreover, this delicate “soft gold” of cashmere is more sensitive to acid, alkali and heat than fine wool. Even at lower temperatures and lower concentrations of acid and alkali, fiber damage is significant. Chlorine oxidants are particularly sensitive and can be damaged during the dyeing process, affecting the feel and wearing experience.


Dyeing cashmere and weaving garments is not worth the candle.


Natural cashmere is naturally natural, soft and pure. It combines the qualities of warmth and elegance. The ingenious designer can design it as a unique and unique object.

Natural and non-polluting Alxa cashmere, based on the original colors of white, green and purple velvet, without any dyeing treatment, without adding any harmful chemicals such as softeners, phosphors, etc. The warmth, peace, quiet comfort can be brought to the extreme.

A good designer will listen to his whispers while he is stroking cashmere, and will know what kind of clothes he wants to be made. Follow every inch of cashmere's willingness and color, according to the characteristics and color of various colors of cashmere, supplemented by appropriate process design, the pursuit of comfortable natural and stylish beauty, is the secret to creating top cashmere.

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