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No Knit Sweaters, How Can We Call The Fall?

Said the days of cold good autumn, Hangzhou from time to time a field showers, slowly faded summer hot, early morning and evening cool breeze blowing, people realize the arrival of early autumn. Recall that in January and a half months, the sweet-scented osmanthus overflowing, red maple and yellow leaves wandering, autumn is getting thicker.

Spring and autumn has always been the best match of the season, do not need in the winter beautiful people, not like the summer sun sweat like rain. Small beauty, cherish the short autumn ah, so that they wear the United States and the United States ~

On the last several Knit Sweaters of Amway can also like? Forget the poke here (summer late autumn wear what? No sweater how beautiful!), Today is a must for a single product - Knit Sweaters.

Sweet to fry the rainbow Knit Sweaters

Not see the sun gloomy weather, always want to see a touch of colorful rainbow. It is better to embellish the rainbow color on the body, full of vitality, swept away the black and white dull, put on a rainbow Knit Sweaters, at the moment just want to sweetheart girl!

Love the reasons for the stripes can say ten thousand without repeat, such as to modify the stature, with a wind, the wind on the street So that the classic wardrobe is always ready to spare in the past!

This striped Knit Sweaters, wide and narrow stripes combined to break the visual fatigue, bright color has a strong youthful atmosphere, rainbow color easily HOLD from autumn and winter wear, with a strap leather pants, playful clever.

Fabric with a skin-friendly mohair, hair light and a little small fluffy, upper body wearing a super comfortable, do not chop a bit sorry for yourself!

When a quiet little home jasper

Now very popular handsome man wind, cool girl minutes to let people want to bend, can not find people who want to marry, slowly girls live to live like they want to marry, but the girls return to the girl really Looks like a beautiful, small home Jasper looks like people are very pity.

So gentle color and style, is simply a rhythm of the staff ah! Collar is a type of collar type but not so big, so the advantage of this design will be a small shoulder. The whole dress is a one-piece cut, loose and type.

Material is imitation horseshoe, texture is very soft and comfortable, it's weaving texture just look good, a little little sense of perspective hin special Oh, important to the sleeve at the skin loop design is simply the United States out of the sky, all kinds of temperament All come out ~

Believe it? Wear this to date, get the gods in minutes!

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