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Knitting With Publicity Can Be A Low Profile

In your mind, knitting is what image? Eternal basic? Old-fashioned woolen sweater and pants? NO! Knitting has unlimited possibilities. This fall/winter season, knitwear is divided into two factions, Visual and practical. Visual effects tend to be exaggerated, huge outlines or bright colors very striking; practical in terms of decoration and texture much, little detail to meet the requirements of your individuality. Below for you to summarize the two factions of popular keywords, as well as matching skills, take a look at what is Visual publicity, a low-key practical that have captured your heart?

Eaves shoulder knit

To say this season's hottest pop not belong to eaves shoulder, sweatshirts are not to be missed, a best friend. Joining shoulder pads soft knit normally docile, became very powerful. Wine red, Ferragamo large knit miniskirts, with upturned shoulder shrug, with fatal attraction!

Jeweled sweater

Choose sweaters with jeweled smart is that clothes and accessories are the perfect combination, very well without decoration. Kenzo mosaic before the sapphire-blue Turtleneck Sweater collar large brown stone, manufacture the illusion of wearing a necklace. Sonia in black jeweled black sweaters, chest flower pattern on the sleeve of the horizontal arrangement, comparison of different materials makes a normal knit gorgeous and interesting.

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