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Knit Cardigans So Wear The United States Turned!

The biggest feeling of these two days is that noon to go out hot to death, but wearing a thin morning and evening to go out and chilly, into the office blowing air conditioning is also true. Faced with such a temperature change, I suddenly thought of a Knit Cardigans, it is also soft and warm breathable, can be very flexible response to spring temperature changes.

However, to wear a good knitting, but also need some tips ~ ~

These models do not choose

1, candy color

Soft sweater gives a warm feeling of art, but the candy color is too bright, and knitting feel out of tune, it seems easy to be cheap.

2, color complex

Taking into account the Knit Cardigans and other single product with the practicality, not recommended complex color style, I think the more simple or better knitted jacket, without losing the tone of literature.

3, profile shape thick needle line

First, the weather is warm, and this thick needle and thread will be too hot to wear, the second is the profile + thick needle will become bulky.

How to choose the right length?

For the petite baby, the short section of the knit cardigans the most appropriate, it can easily make you obviously was significantly thin.

If it is a long paragraph cardigan, usually the length of the hip, to the middle of the thigh best, small baby can control.

Taller is more suitable for long or long paragraph in the cardigan, wear can be very obvious gas field.

Spring knit cardigans so take the ride

Knit cardigans + trousers

Pure white T-shirt + jeans, take a variety of solid color knit cardigans is very suitable.

Want to be more lively, can be equipped with slogan tee and sneakers ▼

More suitable for office workers with the OL wind, you can choose a dark cardigan, take the same color shirt and wide leg pants, high heels, simple look.

Cardigan + skirt

With a super woman's dress to match the long paragraph cardigan, lazy revealed a pleasant atmosphere.

Office workers can use leather skirt with shirt, and then take a dark cardigan just right.

Knit Cardigans with denim skirt, but also very classic.

Cardigan + shorts

Usually T-shirt + shorts + cardigan, there is a simple leisure beauty. But then it is recommended to choose a long paragraph or a long section of the cardigan with a cardigan than shorts long, but also more high.

Spring and summer in the air-conditioned room, a long cardigan most concerned about wearing shorts you.

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