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Economic Operation Analysis Of Knitting Industry In The First Half Of 2011

2011 1 May, the knitting industry in China's industrial gross domestic product (current prices) 203.284 billion yuan, an increase of 25.6%; total sales totaled 198.01 billion yuan, an increase of 25.5%. Sales rate of 97.4%, smoothly linking of production and marketing.

The same period, our country's knitted apparel production to 5.535 billion, representing a growth of 11.07%, the growth rate is slightly lower than the clothing and woven garment production growth.

Knitted garments for cotton as its main raw material, cotton prices rise and fall of a great impact on the yield. From the perspective of cumulative per cent 5 June this year production growth slow to Woven garments of knitted garments; from a single month, knitted garments in May alone production fell 1.44%, pick-up in output in June, 11.54% per cent higher; so far this year, monthly production has been lower than Woven garments of knitted apparel.

Midwest regional structure change in the production rate

In January-June, the knitwear production output of ten provinces accounted for 94.53% of the total; except in the Eastern Shandong province, to maintain double-digit growth, but other provinces are more than slowing in the first quarter, production up down in Jiangsu Province.

Middle yield growth rate faster than that of the Eastern and Western provinces, where the production growth significantly in Henan province, accumulated an increase of 114.29% in the first half, since March have been ranked seventh. Shandong this year production increased rapidly in January-June, output of 939 million, accounted for 16.96% over Zhejiang, ranking second in the country.

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