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Knitted shirt features

1, warm and

Using wool and thermal sensitivity of fiber blends.

2, Joker

Knit the spring and autumn, and winter can only match, thin and thick, a variety of styles, can cooperate with the versatile jackets, dresses, jeans,.

3, snug

Using a variety of flora and fauna of the silky fiber blends.

4, flexible

After material test laboratory pressure tests belong to high quality standards. Corset by adding elastic yarn, improve the elasticity of underwear, maintained and adjusted by traction body dimensions and morphology.

5, sculpted curves

Woven ergonomically multi-dimensional weaving method when dealing with partial elastic, shaping bottoming shirt shapes the body curves in individual parts to increase contractility, to correct shape, body body effect, more fit body curves, to create the perfect body.

6, no sense of restraint

Tight body length of time can lead to poor blood circulation, hands and feet numb, even normal breathing, lung tissue microcirculation full stretch, preventing the body's oxygen supply, easy to produce cerebral hypoxia. Body base/pants through physical testing, stress testing, and full compliance with these quality standards, ergonomic three-dimensional braided, elastic moderate, there will be no sense of restraint and depressing feeling.

7, breathable

Use high permeability of organic material such as plant and animal fibers, against the skin to breathe. Will not close to the body for a long time and prevent the skin breathe, causing Folliculitis, or rough skin.

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