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How to Wash Knit Clothes

As the temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn and winter becomes larger, the knitwear has become an essential hot item for fashion women. However, the maintenance of knitwear and washing have become a problem. If the knitwear is washed, it will become large and deformed. Beautiful big discount.

Some Tips on How to Wash Knit Clothes

1. Before washing the knitted clothes, take dust and soak in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes. Take out and squeeze to dry the water. Place it in detergent solution or soap tablet solution and gently rinse, and then rinse with clean water. In order to ensure the color of the yarn, 2% acetic acid can be added to the water (can also be used with vinegar) to neutralize the residual soap. This reduces the likelihood of the knitwear becoming larger after washing.

2. Wash knit shirts with tea (white clothes are best not to use this method), not only can wash the dust, but also will not let the knit shirt after washing become larger, but also can not fade wool, prolong life.

Washing method is: 1 pot of boiling water, put a proper amount of tea, until the tea soaked, after the water is cool, filter out the tea, the sweater (line) in tea water soak for 15 minutes, then gently rub a few times, then with water Rinse clean.

3. White knitwear will gradually darken when worn for a long time. If you knit your sweater and freeze it in the freezer for 1 hour, it may cause the knit shirt to become larger after washing. Therefore, you should take it out and dry it to make it white. If the dark knit shirt is covered with dust, use a sponge to dipped in water, squeeze it, and gently wipe it.

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