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Consumer advice

Consumers in the purchase of knitted garments may pay attention to the following points:

(A) look for labels. According to the national standards, b class clothing contact skin, c garments should not be in direct contact with the skin, consumers may according to need to choose appropriate clothing. In addition, look for durability label sewn into the clothes, wool (cashmere) shirts to see wool (wool) fibre content, so as not to buy counterfeit products.

(B) check the garment details and dimensions. Gently pull the seams, check off, missing stitches, holes and other defects of main parts are rough sections, details, thickness, mixed colors, printing, and so on, whether there is staining phenomenon. Another salesperson's clothes size in case of Express does not match the size and actual.

(C) according to the washing instructions label. The washing instructions on the label will help consumers understand the washing of clothing requirements, to avoid misoperation. In addition, wool knitting garment to wear time after cleaning, flat dry, properly placed in mothball collection.

(D) cleaning or drying before wearing. For washable clothes before wearing for the first time it is best to go through water; for marking do not wash clothes, can be linked in a ventilated place to dry again.

(E) obtain and save the receipt. Reputable shopping, while retained proof of purchase in case of product quality problems can effectively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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